Windows connectivity check script

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Wrote really simple Windows CMD script that checks connectivity to any server or Internet. Change “” to your application IP address or domain name. @ECHO OFF ECHO Checking connection to the application… SET Connected=false FOR /F “usebackq tokens=1” %%A IN (`PING`) DO ( REM Check the current line for the indication of a successful connection. IF /I “%%A”==”Reply” SET Connected=true ) REM Check if a success was found. IF “%Connected%”==”true” ( SET Internet=Application is working. ) ELSE ( SET Internet=Application is not working. Please contact #####. ) ECHO %Internet% pause … Read More

AirWatch can’t identify MAC address of Android 6+ devices

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According to AirWatch support (see below) AirWatch MDM solution can’t identify MAC addresses of mobile phones with Android 6+ OS. It means that you will not be able to AirWatch-ISE solution using your new and shiny Android phone because Cisco ISE requests for MAC address and authenticate it based on MAC. Summary of issue Unable to identify MAC address of Android 6+ devices: Beginning with Android Marshmallow (6.0), Google has limited the ability of apps using the WiFi and Bluetooth API to programmatically access an Android device’s local hardware identifier.  … Read More

AirWatch and Cisco ISE API – Troubleshoot API access

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AirWatch can be integrated with ISE using AirWatch ISE API which is already included with all cloud AirWatch (Saas) solutions. Full list of Cisco ISE supported MDM servers can be found here Absolute AirWatch Citrix XenMobile Globo Good Technology JAMF Software Meraki SM/EMM MobileIron SAP Afaria SOTI Symantec Tangoe Microsoft Intune – for mobile devices Microsoft SCCM – for desktop devices