Licensing AnyConnect and Cisco FTD

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As you might already know the new Cisco Firepower Threat Defense appliances have only “Smart License” licensing. Lets say you bought L-AC-PLS-P-100 which is 100 User Plus AnyConnect licensing and in the description it shows “Family: ASA 5500 Series”. How to register it to the Smart Account and activate for Cisco FTD?

If you try to “Convert to Smart Licensing”…

Nope, doesn’t work

The proper way is outlined in AnyConnect Licensing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You need to open a case with Cisco Global Licensing (GLO) at and send following information:

Subject: AnyConnect Smart License Sharing Request
— Email Body  —
Request: Please share the below AnyConnect license by provisioning Smart AnyConnect entitlement to the Smart Account and Virtual Account as specified below.
Cisco ID : *your Cisco ID*
Smart Account Name or Domain ID*your Cisco ID*
Smart Virtual Account Name : Default/Other
AnyConnect Product Activation Key (PAK): *your AnyConnect PAK*
AnyConnect License Type (Plus, Apex or VPN Only) : *your AnyConnect license type*

Once the case is resolved you will see the licenses in your Smart License Account

Tip: if you don’t want to wait answer to your email resolution click “Convert to Smart Licensing” on your PAK code and click “Start a chat session”

Wait for the case to be resolved

Let me know if you have any Q.

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